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We’re Divers

Ultimate Dive Travel is staffed EXCLUSIVELY by avid scuba divers. We understand your passion – because it’s our passion too! We know the marvel, majesty and pure exhilaration of undersea exploration. We’re committed to sharing that experience with as many people as possible.

We’re Experienced Travel Professionals

Since 1995, we’ve been helping divers of every experience level transform their dream scuba diving trip into top-notch reality. We know that a scuba diving trip is more than just picking an exotic destination. You want the scuba diving trip that’s right for you: your level of experience, your travel preferences and your budget!

We Go the Extra Mile

You want your scuba diving vacation to be perfect, and so do we! That’s why Ultimate Dive Travel reviews each and every diving facility we work with – be it dive liveaboards or one of our fantastic scuba dive resorts. We dive the destinations, so we can tell you what to expect — and what to be sure not to miss! We stay on the live-aboard diving boats and visit every resort, so you can truly enjoy your getaway in comfortable surroundings. We test out the scuba diving packages and all-inclusive dive vacations, so we can let you in on the best deals. We can help you make the best choices for your scuba diving trip because we’ve already checked for ourselves!
Every trip should be the trip of a lifetime! Let our experience help you create your Ultimate Dive!
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