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Gangga Indonesia Scuba Diving

Is Indonesia Scuba Diving for You?

Have you ever considered a scuba diving vacation to Indonesia and then talked yourself out of it less than a minute later? I understand completely, as I’ve done the exact same thing more times than I can count. I love scouting and finding magnificent critters beneath the waves, but I’d heard that Indonesia only offered scuba diving that appealed to the underwater macro photographer. Sure, I wouldn’t mind adding some more macro photography to my repertoire. I’d also...

Ambon Bay, the Ultimate Dive in Maluku

I loved diving in Ambon Bay. The location offers plenty exciting dive sites, and most of them have unique species that you might think they came from the other universe. I have difficulties to pick up which dive site is the best, as they are equally fantastic. Most of the dive sites offer muck diving, but we also visited dive sites for wreck diving (Batu Lubang Dive Site) and walls diving. According to Maluku Divers Resort, there are three marine “celebrities” species in...

Travel Insurance – Health Insurance and DAN Insurance

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While I think I spent almost a month going through countless policies searching for the best health insurance plan we can afford for all of us at Ultimate Dive Travel, it was a tiring exercise to say the least. It also felt like a huge waste of time. In past years, we were normally able to find a plan that covered us while we were out of the country. Today it seems insurance companies went out of their way to give us as little as possible for more money than last year....