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Indonesia Scuba Diving

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Indonesia Scuba Diving

For more than 15 years now, Ultimate Dive Travel has been going to and sending scuba divers to Indonesia. We offer many Indonesia scuba diving resort options throughout the country and of course, we provide liveaboards as well.

It’s extremely rare for a scuba diver to go to Indonesia, and not return for a second trip! Why is this? It only takes one trip here to have the answers for yourself. People often think of Indonesia as a tiny little country in Southeast Asia, but that could not be further from reality.

Indonesia is about the same width as the entire USA. With scuba diving options all over the country. From large pelagic life, to super macro,and some of the most stunning, colorful coral reefs on the planet –Indonesia truly has it all. In many countries, you must go on a liveaboard to see the best they have to offer, but in Indonesia, many land-based resorts can offer better scuba diving than many liveaboard options closer to USA. But liveaboards should not be overlooked here either; they can take you to the far away coral reefs that many resorts cannot reach.

While many people think Indonesia a trip to Indonesia costs too much, that is simply not true. Many scuba diving resorts in Indonesia are priced quite reasonably. Most dive resorts in Indonesia offer packages for scuba diving, which include all the diving, accommodations, and meals for quite reasonable prices. Compare that to a Caribbean resort. Many offer accommodations and diving only in their prices, and you will see the value. If you eat out at restaurants 2 or 3 times a day, you will easily spend another $500 or more in a week’s time. Unless you live on junk food like McDonalds, I think most divers enjoy better quality and healthier food when traveling.

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SCUBA Seraya – Bali

There are many liveaboard options for scuba diving in Indonesia as well. Most of these boats are not the grossly overpriced tiny bunk bed closets, either. Many offer spacious cabins with either two twin beds or a king bed for your comfort. For the most part,the days of bunk beds are over on this side of the world. While there are still some lower end boats with bunk beds in Indonesia, it is not the norm these days. Most divers we speak to do not want to climb into a bunk bed to sleep. The boats offer mostly large cabins with private bathrooms and showers, and of course AC.

Then of course there are the world-class tours in Bali. Plan on spending at least a few days in Bali to see some of the culture. From the temples to the rice fields and markets of Ubud, from river rafting and riding elephants to the monkey forest – they have it all, and at fair prices. You can do tours before or after the scuba diving trip; we custom fit the tours for your desires!

To fly there, it depends on where you are going. Flying into Bali or Jakarta is fine either way. Both are easy places to fly into. I have come through Bali and Jakarta for years without ever having a problem.

Give us a call at Ultimate Dive Travel and let us go through some options with you for land-based resorts and liveaboards. You won’t be sorry! I feel confident in saying you will also want to travel back to Indonesia more than just one time. You will fall in love with this country, just as we have.


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