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Photography Workshop with Marty Snyderman

Photography Workshop with Marty Snyderman

Damai Trip Features:

  • 11 Night stay, September 19-30, 2016
  • Flight from Bali, Maumere to Kupang Round Trip
  • Harbor Fees
  • Park fees
  • Nitrox
  • Massages
  • Laundry

Marty Snyderman

Marty Snyderman is an EMMY Award winning cinematographer, still photographer, author and speaker specializing in the marine environment. As a proud recipient of DEMA’s 2008 Reaching Out Award, Marty is of roughly 80 people inducted into DEMA’s (Diving Equipment Marketing Association) SCUBA diving Hall of Fame. The Marine Life Editor of Dive Training magazine, Marty produces at least three columns a month in every issue, including the underwater photography column entitled Behind The Lens, a natural history column entitled What’s That, and a column about his diving life entitled Always Learning.

Marty teaches underwater photography seminars in dive centers in North America and at destinations around the globe. He also serves as the Senior Editor and a writer/photographer for California Diving News.


Baby Turtles

Colorful Fish



Workshop Details

With regard to how the photography workshop will function, we want you to know that Marty will be available to “talk shop” and help out anywhere he can throughout the trip. This is a workshop, not a formal course in photography with required attendance. Marty will give some short presentations at various points throughout the trip, and he will happily be available to provide assistance and insights whenever he can. The presentations will focus on various photography techniques, and what to do to avoid commonly experienced pitfalls.

Marty will be onboard to help everyone that is interested in his input with their photography if and when he can. That said, his presentations will revolve around the dive schedule. Not vice versa. We want you to know that Marty will be onboard to enhance your experience, and the photography workshop will not limit your diving in any way.

To be clear: There is only one of him. So, Marty won’t be diving with people on an individual basis and telling them where to point their strobe or how to compose a given photograph etc. There will be too many divers for him to do that. But when onboard he will offer suggestions when asked to do so, provide insights based on his experience, and make some short presentations between dives some evenings.






  • Trip Price includes Marty Synderman working with everyone on photography and some editing
  • Price $5400.00 per person or $5800.00 per person for master cabin
  • *Itinerary is subject to change based on sea and weather conditions at time of trip, all determined by the captain

Maumere to Kupang 11 nights

Alor is a string of volcanic islands: Lembata, Adonara, Solar, Pantar, Pura and Alor.

Discover the hidden beauty of diving reefs, walls and muck dives. A great chance to see pelagics as well as critters.

On the surface the chance to see passing pods of pilot whales and dolphins.

The unique geographical feature includes watching an active volcano throw lava a hundred meters into the air!

Day 1 – Arrival into Maumere

The flight arrives in Maumere in eastern Flores you will go directly to Damai and make yourselves comfortable.

The first day of diving will be inside Maumere Bay on the islands of Pomana and Babi.All dives in this area are wall dives with abundant sea fans and sponges. Chances of seeing pygmy seahorse, soft coral crabs, frogfish and passing pelagics.

Day 2 –Serbete & Adonara

Starting the day at the craggy rock called Serbete. Two dives here on the wall and the sand slope are a great way to start the diving day. Then in to the west side of the island of Adonara for the afternoon and night dives. Get your eyes in tune for hunting out critters and macro.

Day 3 –Pulau Kambing

Spend the diving around these rocks on the south west coast of Solor.Sloping reef with underwater rocks covered in orange soft corals with plenty of anthias, surgeons and fusiliers. Sightings included warty frogfish, dogtooth and a yellowfin tuna, mackeral, sweetlips, small school of bannerfish, a marble grouper, plenty of nembrotha nudis, 2 species, whitetip and hawksbill turtle.

Keep you eyes open for feeding mantas, mola mola and shark.

Day 4–Nuhawatu Rocks and Pulau Soanggi

Group of three rocks 2 miles east of Kambing.

Soanggi is a rocky island on the south of the island of Lembata. This is a beautiful area for diving decorated with soft corals and sea fans, while its location is ideal for spotting passing cetaceans which might include sperm or even a massive blue whales.

Day 5 – Waiwewong

On the west coast Lembata among towering volcanos the area of Wai Wawong has the signature dive sites of Sizzler and Rhino City. This is excellent muck diving with a chance of seeing the elusive rhinopias, finger dragonets, ghost pipe fish and maybe even a hairy octopus.

Day 6–Tanjung Bacatan and Komba Volcano

The two morning dives will be on the north coast of Lembata island at Tanjung Bacatan. These are wall dives with chances of seeing passing pelagics, green and hawksbill turtles, whitetip reef sharks as well as spanish dancer nudis and pygmy seahorse.

Departing over lunch and going north to Komba and a single afternoon dive in the shadow of this highly active volcano. As the sun drops behind the volcano get ready to spend the evening floating off the north east side enjoying the explosive display of lava.

Damai I

Damai I

Damai I

Damai I

Day 7 – Pulau Rusa

This is a collection of 3 small islands in the middle of the current rich channel. Beautiful coral covered reefs with clouds of reef fish like anthias. This is the perfect day for looking out for large creatures; turtles, sharks, tuna, rainbow runner, manta, mola mola.

Day 8 – Pantar Straits

Entering the Pantar straits from the north and the islands of Ternate & Reta for the first dives. These are beautiful walls of macro and wide angle subjects. Then its south to the island of Pura and the famous Valley of the Clowns, a unique experience where giant anemones carpet the floor and colourful reef fish school above.

An excellent opportunity to see dolphins, mola mola and passing whales of all varieties on the surface.

Finishing the day in north Pura at Pak Jan’s village, a muck site with excellent prospects for rhinopias, warty frogfish and other creatures.
Guests will have the chance to buy traditional woven cloths, called Ikat, from the ladies who will come to the boat at Ternate and Pura. This is truely authentic souvenir shopping with the opportunity to buy beautiful weaves from the very hands that make them.

Day 9 – Kalabahi Bay

Sailing into Kalabahi Bay on the west coast of Alor for the signature site of Mucky Mosque you will get the opportunity to hunt for octopus, rhinopias and some very cool nudibranchs along the black sand in front of the local mosque.

In the afternoon guests can opt to take a land tour visit to a traditional Alor village, returning in time for the night dive or continuing diving.

Day 10 – Pantar Straits

Signature dive sites such as Cathederal and Tanjung Ela Lara are east and west of the straits, respectively. They are rugged areas that can be subject to rich currents but also can reveal some unique sights. We have seen great hammerheads, marble rays and even pilot whales on these sites and even if the unusual is elusive you can still enjoy a beautiful dive along rocky shores covered in colourful hard and soft corals teeming with reef fishes. Then more relaxing dives in the afternoon at Mandarin wall back on the north side of Pura.

Day 11 – Beangabang

On the south-east of Pantar, Beanabang Bay offers both muck and reef diving of the highest quality. The bay in front of the village offers the chance to hunt for octopus, ghost pipefish, unusual shrimp, colourful nudibranchs and lots of juvenile fish.

Also the chance to walk in this very isolated village and meet the local children.

Day 12 – Departure from Kupang

Guests will be escorted to the airport in Kupang and assisted with check in procedures, no doubt full of talk about their amazing adventures exploring Alor.

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